Dog Sledding on Wheels

Dog sledding on wheels is a unique and thrilling adventure through the beautiful autumn landscape of northern Sweden. The sled on wheels is driven by one of our guides – or yourself – and pulled by our enthusiastic four legged colleagues. The tour takes about an hour.

September–November at 10 am

From SEK 595/person
Up to 5 participants

How it works

Up to 12 dogs pull the sled on wheels, and as a passenger you get a real feel for the beautiful nature around Granö. You’ll be 2 passengers driven by a guide or drive a sled on wheels with your own passenger. Each carriage can take up to 150 kg.  Up to 5 people can book a tour together. After the tour you’ll have an opportunity to cuddle with the dogs and take pictures if you wish.


Good to know
Dress in comfortable and functional outdoor clothing and shoes that can handle getting damp/wet.

We only do these tours when it’s no more than 10 degrees c, out of concern for the dogs overheating. If the trails are too muddy we may need to re-book your visit with us. The tour is suitable for children from about 6 years old who are 120 cm tall or taller.