Husky Walk

Guided hike through the beautiful nature around Granö and the Ume River. During this excursion, you will have the unique opportunity to be accompanied by your very own husky, tethered to a waist belt, allowing you to experience the beauty of the landscape together.

May 1 - November 1
Thursday & Sunday, 10 am and 1 pm

from SEK 450/person, minimum 2 persons

How it works
Experience nature and be active with a new social and happy hiking friend – your very own husky!

First off, you get to greet the pack of dogs at Spruce Island Husky. For the walk you are equipped with a waist belt and your own dog that walk with you. Along with a guide, you’ll hike through the forest and experience nature in a new and exciting way. A break with an open fire, coffee and snacks is included in the tour.


Good to know
Be sure to dress in comfortable outdoor clothing and shoes that can take some wet terrain.

The tour is about 2 hours. Minimum 2 participants and up to 8 in a group.

We are located in Granö, half way between Lycksele and Umeå in northern Sweden.