Kennel Visit

Dog lover? Fascinated by huskies? Treat yourself to an unforgettable Kennel Visit! This one-hour guided tour offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our renowned husky kennel and training center.

Designed for adult enthusiasts, the Kennel Visit immerses you in the world of these remarkable sled dogs. Witness their daily routines, training regimens, and learn about their unique traits from our knowledgeable guides. An absolute must for any husky admirer!

Thursday and Saturday
december - mars from 6 pm

From 300 SEK/person (minimum 2 persons)

Book through email

How it works

On the Kennel Visit, you’ll truly get to know our four-legged friends and colleagues. Our knowledgeable guides share insights about the dogs, their training, feeding, tours, and daily routines. We welcome all your questions and, of course, there’s ample time to cuddle the dogs and puppies, snap photos, and bond with these amazing animals.